Can I help you?

Follow the steps to submit the crack request as described in the clip below.

  • Go to this address: Request Crack
  • Fill the form
  • Click on create button
  • See this guide clip

You can view your dashboard page by clicking the link above and be informed of the latest status of your requests. If you have previously registered with the requested system.

Go to my dashboard

This system will send you your login information (username and password) via email.

You can log in with that information and view the latest status of your orders at this link.

You do not need to check this page, if your order status is changed by the support team you will be notified by email.

Where is my order id?

In the picture below, after I clicked on the activator link, I will be asked for my order number

Give Order id to start activation Where do I get this code?

When you shop from one of our contract stores

You will be sent an email similar to the attachment image.

There is an order number in this email.

Enter it correctly in the box you want

how to find order id

If your trial days are already expired we are ready to guide you how to reset it as follows:


Delete the following registry values and files one by one:

  • HKCU\Software\Licenses\{0C1449D7A7DAE058B}
  • HKCU\Software\The Silicon Realms Toolworks\Armadillo\{0C1449D7A7DAE058B}
  • HCR\Wow6432Node\CLSID\{4BB681FC-549E-F2CD-7AE8-B05562B9E0CE}
  • (or HCR\CLSID\{4BB681FC-549E-F2CD-7AE8-B05562B9E0CE})
  • HKCU\Software\Classes\{6DDFD121-BCFE-13D1-B2E4-0060975B8649}\
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